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21.12.23 | Styling

Inspired spaces with Alice Lines: The art of the aperitivo

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing styling advice from homestyle editor Alice Lines. Her tips help you elevate key areas of the home—bedroom, dining room, and living room. To celebrate the festive season, Alice uncovers the art of the aperitivo. Take her tips for at-home entertaining, along with a recipe for a summer-friendly spritz.

The Italians and Spaniards call it aperitivo, the French apéritif, and this European tradition—to relax into evening entertaining with a pre-dinner cocktail and salty, savoury snacks—is one I like to embrace at home in the summer months. Not every occasion requires a full-blown menu, and this style of soirée is super easy to add to your repertoire.

My main hack for keeping things simple is to have chic serveware ready to roll, plus a well-stocked pantry and bar. A selection of small vessels like Halo dip bowls instantly elevate the type of deli items I like to have on hand. Sicilian green olives, fancy crisps and spiced almonds are my go-tos; trawl your local store for specialty goods that need no more preparation than popping in a bowl. Level up with interesting bites—Spanish-style gildas (made with olives, anchovies and pickled peppers on a skewer) are a spicy little addition, and perfect with a spritz or negroni.

Complete your table setting with an Ochre linen tablecloth and a scattering of Pinto coasters. In sun-warmed, earthy hues, they bring a laidback-luxe mood, which a couple of tealight holders will carry on into the evening.


Recipe: master the Aperol spritz


- 3 parts prosecco
- 2 parts Aperol
- 1 part soda
- Slice of orange


1. Fill a glass with ice cubes. We used the Pure White Wine Glasses.

2. In the following order, pour in your prosecco, Aperol, and soda.

3. Garnish with a slice of orange. 


In the final journal post in this series, we explore kitchen styling. Stay tuned for Alice’s advice for adding personality to this space in the New Year. Until then, happy holidays!

Entertaining_Inspired Spaces

Pure white wine glasses, Sampa round board, Linen tablecloth

Entertaining_Inspired Spaces

Pure white wine glass, Momentum tealight holders