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Wool is an enduring natural fibre with endless benefits. The fibres are known for being soft and warm, but also incredibly durable.

Wool is also highly eco-friendly as it is inherently renewable fibre. It is also biodegradable and, once disposed of, releases nutrients and carbon back into the soil.

Wool is an intrinsically textural fibre and can be adapted into finely woven or highly textured items. Discover more in our journal post.


Caring for wool


Wool has natural antibacterial properties due to lanolin. This oil coats the wool fibres and helps to inhibit bacteria build-up. This gives wool the ability to ‘self clean’.

To maintain the integrity of the fibres, avoid washing wool frequently. When it does require cleaning, we recommend a gentle cold or lukewarm hand-wash using a wool-specific detergent.

Rinse thoroughly and press out excess water. Air-dry the item by laying flat on a towel. Preserve colour by avoiding direct sunlight.